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The Mason Story

The Mason Story

The Irish Mason family, all Catholics, left behind a starving Ireland in 1839 when they accepted the assisted migration offered by the Australian Government. Most of the eleven who migrated married quite quickly in the young country of Australia, and settled around the Tamworth area in the 1870s.

The Mason Story is the culmination of 25 years’ work by one of their descendants, Helen Malcher (nee Mason), gathering records and memories. The dates and locations are brought to life by the stories shared by family members and allow us to have a fuller history of the Mason family in Australia to 2015.

The Mason Story, published in August 2015, will be an invaluable reference for the present Masons, their relatives and many future generations to come.



The full Mason family tree

You can download the full Mason family tree here which is an extract from Chapter 7 of the book.